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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

Hi there we are Adam & Lacey Leonard, we are based in Banbury where we live with 3 of our children aged 17, 10 & 7. We love spending time with friends and family and making as many memories as we can along the way. Our Goal with our business is to be able to become financially independent, travel the world and help our children live their best lives!!!

We came across Scentsy about 2 years ago and kept seeing posts on our Facebook newsfeed. After a month or so we decided to have a FREE trial. From that moment there was no looking back!!!! We were hooked.

The opportunity to join was put to us but we said no for a few months as we wasn't sure it would work. That was until the warmer we really really wanted (Stargaze) was in the kit. We thought well why not give it a try, we have nothing to lose. Well giving it a try turned into something Amazing, something that no matter how cliche it sounds has really changed our lives.

Adam no longer works 15 hour shifts making him miss out on our children growing up. We are both at home full time so we don’t miss anything with them.
Since joining Scentsy we have gained so much!!! An amazing group of customers who have become friends, A Fantastic team who have become family, more FREE Scentsy that we know what to do with and we have earned a few incentives along the way. An all expenses paid holiday to Mexico, which we used as the honeymoon we never had and a massive amount of New Scentsy Products. The next incentive is underway and you can bet your bottom dollar that we are aiming to achieve that too.

All this from Wax and Warmers that not only do we love but our children love too, they are as obsessed as us.

We cant wait to see what the future brings, and we would love to help you change your lives too.